I’m feeling rather weepy and unraveled, as I brace for the third move in 18 months. Knitting seems to be helping me to keep it together.

This lace rib sock pattern is my first attempt at knitting lace. I have to admit that the socks were started and unraveled many times (four, I think?), as I wrapped my head around knitting lace. However, once I got into the rhythym of it, I found that the pattern was easy to memorize and the socks knit up quickly. I think I may attempt cables next. Or perhaps knitting intarsia. Yikes. The name itself scares me!

Blue + Brown

Yesterday I had a rare, solo trip out to the grocery store, which meant that I had to, of course, run into our local thrift store. I usually keep my expectations pretty low as it’s pretty hit or miss there. I was pleased however, to come out with a good haul of mostly brown and blue items. The biggest surprise was the yarn. Thrift store yarn bags usually consist of yucky, scratchy acrylic. You can imagine my surprise as I spotted bag after bag of real wool! Some of the wool included sock yarn in lovely autumn colours, alpaca lace weight yarn and a wee bit of Rowan yarn.

I’ve been really inspired by Alicia Paulson’s home, and so the Indian cotton table cloths may get new life as curtains. Isn’t her Swedish style home lovely? I just love the vignettes that she creates.

I think my favorite find is the little pottery teapot. I’m a sucker for old lady thrift store necklaces. I can’t decide if I want to leave it as is, or if I want to embellish it with fabric.

Have you found any treasures at the thrift store lately?

Summer slow

Shaking off the lazy slow of summer days. I’m feeling ready to tackle some fall sewing. First up is to participate again in Elsie Marley’s Fall Kids Clothing Week Challenge. Last year’s week was such a great time to focus on sewing for the kids. Time to root through my fabric stash to get some inspiration!