Right Now

*listening to this and this. Old and new favourites.

*watching this. Jamie, you funny man!

*keeping them busy with this

*drooling over the patterns in this book. Pretty, pretty knits!
Lovely Knits


Leaf Skirt

*baking muffins from this book. My body is not liking grains right now!

Grain Free Muffins

*reading this seasonal favourite to the kids
Ernest and Celestine

*trying to finish these mittens. Why am I always less motivated to finish sock/mitten number two?

*shipping out the last dolls from my Waldorf doll making venture. Bye bye dollies!

*loving the serenity of this book. Oh Vermont. How I want to visit you! Who wants to come with me to one of those Vermont knitting retreats, in a couple of years?
Farmhouse Christmas


Have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I stumbled across your beautiful blog via Harmony and Rosie. The glittered yellow flats are beautiful. My girlfriend and I are very curious about the burlap tote bag in the third last photo. Did you make it? It is wonderful!

    • Thanks KJ! I can’t take credit for the bag. My friend Elizabeth makes them from Fair Trade coffee sacks. I think that she has stopped making them, but she may have some stock left.

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