Favourite Things: Lazybones

Thanks to Pinterest, I have just discovered the gorgeous Australian company called Lazybones. Originally making only sleep wear, they have expanded their line to include clothing, bedding and girls clothing. Vintage floral prints? Voile cotton? Fluffy white quilts? I’m in heaven!

Here is a peek at some of my favourite things:

dsc_1589_1_2 Eden Curtain

dsc_0073 Fifi Cotton Shorties in Jasper

dsc_5733 Lily Bamboo Jersey Slip

dsc_7607-edit_1 Kate Cotton Voile Pants


Siena Embroidered Sheets

cindyvita Cindy Cotton Dress

3 thoughts on “Favourite Things: Lazybones

    • Yes, don’t they have pretty things. I think that my husband is a little worried that I am going to start ordering things from Australia!
      I’m so glad that you mentioned the problem that you’ve been having posting comments. You were in my spam folder:)

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