Valentine Stitching

Cross Stitch
A Rainbow of Stitches

I hope that everyone in this end of the world has survived the cold snap. I hibernated at home, and started a few Valentines Day projects from my favourite embroidery book ‘A Rainbow of Stitches’. This book is a great source of modern cross stitch and embroidery projects. The Aida cloth, floss and towel come from a stash of craft supplies that were given to me. I can’t say no to free craft supplies! Valentine’s Day is the one time of year that I think you can get away with displaying a garish red fingertip towel. I also have a scrappy fabric heart bunting in the works.

What have you been doing to stay busy during this dreary time of year?


4 thoughts on “Valentine Stitching

  1. It looks a lovely book, despite the poor review it received on Amazon (what an old misery) and I love your stitching.
    I have restarted the cowl I was attempting but, surprise surprise, have run into trouble yet again. Tempted to chuck it this time 😦

    • I will have to give it a good review on! It has great reviews on .com:)
      I had trouble when I made a lace in the round cowl. Has anyone else on Ravelry had the same problems? Someone might be some good tips and advice. Keep at it Kate!

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