This Year

Why hello! I took a bit of time off from blogging to sort my priorities out, and to think about my goals for this year. It has been really inspiring reading other peoples goals for 2013. I have purposely kept my goals very simple and doable-no 265 projects for me! My list is quite short, and my priority for this year is to save money.

My goals for 2013:
1. Spend less money!
2. Sew from my fabric stash
3. Plant a garden
4. More time for read-alouds
5. Take a week to think about an item before buying it

I am not going to be legalistic with my list; if I need to buy some lining or a zipper, I will purchase them. But I do hope to be more conscious of my spending. Planting a garden is the top priority for this spring, it helps that I am married to a horticulturist, as I do not possess a green thumb. Reading aloud more often to the kids also made the list. We are a book loving family, but anyone who has a wiggly two year old knows that having them sit still for extended periods during story time can be a challenge. I should say for a story other than Hairy MacClary!
My notebook is a K&Company Smashbook. I am a sucker for notebooks, and this has so far been my favourite. It has tons of pages for doodles and lists, and is interspersed with vintage photography, clip art and cute prints.

3 thoughts on “This Year

  1. That is a great to-do list. Very doable and excellent priorities. Why didn’t I put saving money on my list?
    Good luck! I wish I was married to a horticulturist too 🙂 I also do not possess a green thumb.

    • Thanks for visiting! Your comment reminded me to review my list and put them back into action. It’s so easy to fall back into bad spending habits!

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