Colour Block Mittens

Colour Block Mittens

Cute and colourful, these mittens in 3 different sizes are a great way to use up those yarn ends! I designed them to have a long cuff to keep wrists nice and warm.

Size: Small (2-3), Medium (4-6), Large (7-10)

Yarn: 3, 50 gram skiens of sport weight yarn in contrasting colours. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Sport.

Needles: 2.75mm and 3mm double pointed needles

Pattern notes: To avoid jogs when changing colours, use the jogless stripes method.

To avoid gaps at the base of the thumb when picking up stitches, pick up a couple of extra stitches and then knit them together on your first round.

Cuff band and mitten tip will be referred to as colour 1, cuff will be colour 2, and the main mitten and thumb will be colour 3.

-with colour 1, cast on 28 (36) (44) sts using a 3mm straight needle (or 2 2.75mm needles held together). Divide onto 3 2.75mm dpn. k in the round using k2, p2 ribbing for 3 rounds.

-switch to colour 2 and continue ribbing until cuff measures 2″ (3″) (4″).

-using 3mm dpn’s and yarn colour 3, work in St st, increasing 3 sts evenly across 3 needles. You will now have 31 sts (39) (47).

-k 1 (2) (3) rows.

Set up row for the thumb gusset: k across 1st needle, k across 2nd needle until 1 st remains. pm. k last st on 2nd needle. On 3rd needle, k 1 st. Make one st (yo), pm, k across the rest of 3rd needle.

Next 2 rounds: k across

Now repeat the following rounds until you have 9 (11) (13) sts between the markers.

Round 1: k across 1st needle, k across second needle until marker, slip marker and increase one st after marker (yo), k until 2nd marker, increase one stitch before marker (yo), slip marker, k across the rest of 3rd needle.

Round 2 & 3: k across (k through the back of the loops of increased sts to avoid holes)

-when you have the required amount of stitches, place thumb gusset sts on scrap yarn.

-continue knitting in St st until mitten (not including the cuff) measures 3″ (4″) (5″).

-switch to colour 1 and k for 3 (4) (5) rows.


-*k3, k2 tog* repeat around from *
-work 1 round plain
-*k2, k2 tog* repeat around from *
-work 1 round plain
-*k1, k2 tog* repeat around from *
-*k2 tog* repeat around from *
-break yarn and pull through all remaining sts


-place sts on 2 3mm dpn’s
-pick up 2 (3) (3) sts
-k until thumb measures 1.25″ (1.5″) (2″)
-break yarn and pull though remaining sts

-weave in all loose ends

(please comment if I have made any errors, and I will fix them!)