August Slow


I’m holding on to every last ounce of summer slow! Good Girl Moonshine (A Trim Healthy Mama Sipper drink), a new British Country Living mag, a Tea Leaves cardi for Pippa, and new (clearance) Joe Fresh flip flops for me. Happy days indeed.

Nell’s Book of Colours

A fabric book for Nell has been on my list for quite some time. I spied a cute one on the Made by Rae website last year. I started sorting my fabrics right away, and noticed something interesting. I have lots of blue, pink and red scraps, but hardly any orange or green! My friend Elizabeth came to my rescue and gave me some really great scraps.

I started sewing the book a couple of days before Christmas. Yup, only last minute crafting for me. Oh the pressure! Things were going swimmingly, until I closed the book and took a good look at it. D’oh! I had sewn the front panel on upside down. Noooooooo! I calmly laid the book aside and went upstairs for Christmas Eve dinner. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t calm. There may have been a temper tantrum thrown. But food has an amazing satiating quality, and after dinner I set about unpicking hundreds of stitches. I flipped everything the right way and sewed it back up. It was wrapped and under the tree by 7pm!









Sewing note: I used this very helpful tutorial for sewing the wonky log cabin squares.

Christmas Knits


My needles have been busy this holiday season! I started knitting up a storm after I made my (huge) Knit Picks Cyber Monday order. Guilt perhaps? No, lets call it good stewardship! Hats and mitts are the answer to all of those odd skeins leftover from other projects. My pattern notes can be found on my Ravelry projects page.

Birthday Hat


A hat for Abby’s birthday with colours inspired by the gorgeous colourwork on the Muita Ihania blog. How amazing are her patterns and colour combinations? I would love it if she published her patterns, especially in English! I find that Google translate does a terrible job at translating the site.

This was my first attempt at colourwork and I am pretty chuffed with the results. What doesn’t look great with a bright pink pom pom? My floats are pulling a bit, but thankfully it is not to noticeable. I used the Little Scallop pattern and altered it to have two repeats of the scallop pattern.

Oh Abby. You are a sweet little five year old!

Pattern notes found here on Ravelry.