Quick Change Trousers


I managed to fit in a bit of sewing and whipped up a couple of scrappy quick change trousers for Nell. The versatile pattern comes from the AMH Handmade Beginnings book. A lack of fabric required me to make only the 6 month and the nine month size, but it was a great way to use up some of those pesky scraps that seem to hang around. I’m trying to be good and sew only from my stash. This big girl is already 18 pounds, and so will not be wearing the 6 month size pants for very long!

My Sewing Studio

I have just finished rearranging my current sewing space; a corner of our basement. This space also serves as our t.v room and also the kids playroom. The light is not great, and it is a tad chilly down there, but for the moment, it works.

Sewing Room

I thought that it would be fun to chat a bit about dream sewing studios. In the past I have set up sewing spaces in an unfinished basement, a living room, a hallway and this past summer, in a one bedroom trailer. The space that seems to function best, is one that is smack dab in the middle of the action. I find that a sewing space tucked away in a spare bedroom or basement, does not get used. My ideal would be a room just off of our main floor living area. Like the sunroom room that is currently being claimed by our one year old puppy, Hugo. Ahem. Just sayin’.

Now for the fun. My dream sewing space would contain the following things: an industrial sewing machine (oh the speed, the power!), a regular sewing machine, a serger, an oversize ironing table, a garment steamer, and right in the middle of the room, a giant cutting table. I would love a table that is built to a comfortable height, and covered with a giant self heal board. The price of the boards at craft and sewing stores is very costly, but I have found a cheaper alternative that I think will work; a giant self heal matt from a drafting supply store. That way I could just use pattern weights and a rotary cutter to cut out my patterns.

Storage is also high on my list. I like a mix of vintage furniture pieces (dressers, china cabinets), and good old standbys like the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea.

Some studios of note are Alicia Paulson’s gorgeous, light filled studio, and Anna Maria Horner’s bright, funky studio.

What are some of your dream sewing studio ideas?