DIY: Knitted Boot Topper

boot topper 1

boot topper 3

boot topper 2

boot topper 4

This is my first attempt at translating my chicken scratch knitting notes into a legible pattern. I hope that it makes sense!

Boot Topper Pattern

Yarn weight: Bulky
Needle size: set of 6mm dbl pointed, one 6.5mm straight needle.

Cast 44 sts onto 6.5mm straight needle. Divide onto 3 6mm double-pointed needles.

Cuff: k2, p2 ribbing until cuff measures 3″.
Pattern section:
Row 1: k across, decreasing by 4 sts evenly around. pm.
Row 2 & 3: k to marker.
Row 4: p to marker.
Row 5: *k2, k2 tog, yo. Repeat from * around.
Row 6: k to marker.
Row 7: p to marker.
Row 8-10: k to marker.
Repeat rows 2-10 3x.
Bottom cuff: k2, p2 rib for 1″.
Loosely bind off and weave in ends.


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