My first attempt at the iconic Baby Surprise Jacket. A pair of baby leggings and booties completes the set. Oh how fun it is to knit baby things! Ravelry notes found here.

Yarn Along


I’m working on another pair of ribbed Jules mittens, this time for Jack. The first pair were for Sophie. They are by far the best fitting mitten pattern that I have found. Where others quickly become limp and loose when wet, these hug the hand and hold up to hours of snowball making! There is the small issue of knitting and pearling for an entire mitten, but being a child’s mitten it thankfully knits up quickly.

As a child The Muppet Show was my all time favourite television show. I dropped out of kindergarten ballet class because it conflicted with me being able to watch it! Kermit the frog is Jim Henson. He just is. This biography tells the story of an incredibly talented, generous and kind hearted man. I’m inspired.

Linking up today with Ginny for her weekly Yarn Along. Yes, knitting and reading are two of my favourite things too!

Hello Again!



Hello friends. I took 8 1/2 months off of blogging to grow a baby! He or she is due any day. Once the first three rough months were over I found it difficult to get back into the swing of things. The blogging bug is back however, and I’m excited to start sharing what I have been up to.

I took some time this summer to work on a few knitted things. The yarn for the Tea Leaves cardigan was a birthday gift to myself. This is the third Tea Leaves cardigan that I have knit, and it is such a easy and pleasurable piece to work on. I’ve been knitting many wee things for our baby which I will be posting soon. For now I am heading over to Knitpicks to do some Cyber Monday shopping. This could be dangerous!